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Zurich ranked among the most important tech cities in Europe

Aktualisiert: 14. Juli 2023

Zurich – According to rankings compiled by fDi Intelligence, Zurich ranks among the most important tech cities in Europe. The city fared particularly well on account of its fertile breeding ground for start-ups. In terms of the Greater Zurich Area, Zug also stood out positively in the assessment.

fDi Intelligence, the specialist unit covering foreign direct investment for the Financial Times, has published the fDix TNW Tech Cities of the Future 2020/21 report. This report ranks the most important tech cities across Europe. In the overall rankings, Zurich secured 14th position.

Zurich’s positive assessment in down to several top rankings in sub-categories. For example, the city took sixth place for the start-up environment assessment across Europe. In addition, Zurich placed in seventh position in the category covering innovation and attractiveness.

Moreover, the city’s strategy for foreign direct investment also scored well. In this category, Zurich took seventh place for Europe as a whole. According to fDi Intelligence, successful tech cities are the result of targeted political strategies that aim to build a globally connected community in addition to fostering a sense of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Another city in the Greater Zurich Area also performed well in the rankings. In this context, Zug was ranked in eighth place in Europe in the category of economic potential.

fDi Intelligence compared a total of 76 cities for the rankings, with London taking top spot in the overall standings.

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